You can find free adult webcam rooms at most porn chat sites. Although those sites can also be expensive it is up to you to choose what services you want to pay for or not. Just looking and chatting are typically free. That includes getting a chat name, talking to the girls you like and building up that relationship and rapport that makes online chatting fun.

Tipping based webcam sex shows are the ones where you can get to see a lot and interact with the model without paying anything. Although the girls do expect to get tipped they have to accept that the majority of people don’t, and if you are one of that group then all they can do is ban you. In which case you move on to the next girl, there are plenty out there.

Every site is going to offer a chance to pay for some added services, but at CumTV those are entirely optional. Which isn’t to say there are not great things to be had for pay, from private shows to remote control sex toys, to simply showing your appreciation of a chatroom host that makes you feel special.

What “free” will get you depend on the site, and whether you are willing to sign up for a basic account. Free adult webcam means different things to different people. For some it is just a prelude to a private show, that is basically custom porn that you pay for by the minute and is not in any way “free”.

It all comes down to whether you can manage to organize and budget for what you want and what you can afford. if that is zero then fine, but maybe you’ll find that Twitch Titty Streamers are more what you need.

With plenty of competition between different porn camgirl sites they know better than to ask for any payment or card details upfront, instead, you’ll be offered a free account that you can upgrade when-and-if you feel like it.

Don’t give out a credit card

You won’t end up spending money if you don’t have a way to do so. Adult cam sites generally work on a credit card payment system. Either they charge you directly for paid sessions, or they need you to buy credits or tokens that you can then spend on the models.

If you don’t give them your credit card details then they can’t charge you.

Therefore you have to avoid any cam girl site that requires that you give over the details of your credit card before they will allow you to create an account.

At CumTV an account can be created easily, no cards required.

Only go to chatrooms that work on tipping

Some chatrooms are basically girls waiting to be taken into a private show. And that’s great and fine if you want to see someone waiting. But in that case you might as well wait outside a training station to watch people waiting for trains.

If you want to see girls actually being sexy and have a chance to interact with them and get to know what sort of person they are, then you’ll want to find chatrooms where the girl is willing to do things for tips in a free adult webcam chatroom.

At CumTV the Free Tipping shows are clearly marked, and you can go directly to that section by using this button.

Avoid camgirls that prefer private shows

Private shows are great. But they are expensive and as far away as you can get from “free”.

When you browse through the hot girls in CumTV you need to avoid the section that says Free Private. yes they are therefore free, but they are expecting you’ll want to go into private at some point.

Avoid disappointing yourself and them and just stay away.

Budget your spending

Ok not free, but keep to an actual budget on how much you can spend on camgirls. Maybe that would be 0, in which case it would really be free, but more realistically set a target that makes sense for the amount of entertainment you get.

Decide a monthly figure of money you can spend on online porn, and then allocate that to subscriptions, tips or private shows.

Write it down in your adult webcam site budget sheet. Keep track.

Then when you want to spend some money, check to see if you have budget for that month, week or day. If you don’t, then tell the girl you’ll come back next time. They understand as they have budgets to keep themselves.

Just Sign Up for Free Adult Webcam

Sign up to CumTV to get their free account and then make sure you don’t buy anything extra. That makes it free.

Free is a state of mind.

Free is being determined and happy with enjoying the tease shows and sticking with that.

Free is knowing what you want, what you are willing to pay (zero) and being happy with yourself.

Now go and watch some free girls on CumTV!

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